Turning $100 to $1000

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July 19, 2017
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July 27, 2017
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Turning $100 to $1000

Think the title is catchy? I guess so, if not, why are you here?

Ok, let’s get to the point. Is it possible to turn $100 to $1000?

The answer is a resounding YES! If you are a FX trader, property investor, or some sort of magician, it is entirely possible. Question is; how and how long does it take? With the recent rapid rise in cryptocurrency, especially this year 2017, we see 100X, 200X and even 300X rises in value. Did you ride on it? Are you too late? Do you still stand a chance?

My take is that it is still worth it to part take in cryptocurrency and there are still plenty of rooms to grow. I am buying Ripple and I think there is a high chance it will follow Bitcoin’s success. Here’s why?

  1. It is still relatively cheap – at US$0.18 currently, it is still easy to spend $100 and get substantial number of coins
  2. It has big market capitalisation – Even though it is relatively cheap, the market capitalisation is large, currently at $7,134,987,452, ranked number 3 after Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  3. It is supported by the Banks – Traditionally, banks have more cash and interests to support projects that can bring them long term benefits and sustainability.

So, with the above 3 reasons, I think there is a higher chance of turning $100 to $1000. Like how?

  1. Open an account with CoinBase or CoinHako and Poloniex
  2. Buy US$100 worth of Bitcoin
  3. Transfer Bitcoin from CoinBase/CoinHako to Poloniex
  4. Buy Ripple with Bitcoin
  5. Forget about it and wait for Ripple to rocket

At this point, I must say all the above represent my views and opinion only. Please do your own research and use the information given as ‘educational’ only.